Lincoln CTC FAQ's.

Frequently Asked Questions
by those new to the CTC.

Whilst it is probable that you will have a list of questions before you join one of our rides, first of all check the list below as they are the most often asked questions and they are accompanied by our answers. Then contact us to discuss joining our rides.

What does CTC mean?

The Cyclists’ Touring Club is Britain’s largest cycling organisation with 50,000 individual members throughout the British Isles and overseas. Founded in 1878 as the Bicycle Touring Club, for over a century it has promoted recreational and utility cycling and protected cyclists’ rights. Nowadays it is simply called the CTC. Lincolnshire CTC is a regional branch of the national club. CTC has recently gained charitable status.

Do the groups within Lincolnshire CTC charge for attending rides?

We do NOT charge for rides, they are fun and free, but do bring some money to buy refreshments at the lunch or cafe stop.

Where do rides start from?

Each area has its own start point and start time and these can be found on the rides list for that area. Note, however, rides do not necessarily finish at the start point so do check this with the ride leader.

What will the weather be like on Sunday?

The Met Office gives us the most informed answer. See the panel on the right.

Do I need an expensive racing bike?

No, we have many different types of bikes being ridden on a Sunday including mountain bikes and tandems. In time you might find that a better bike might further enhance your enjoyment but initially ride your existing bike.

Do I need special clothing?

Whilst specially designed cycle clothing is recommended, you do not need it. Wear whatever you feel comfortable riding in.

Do I need special equipment?

We ask that you bring a spare inner tubes that fit your tyres. If you are a novice, experienced hands will help you in the event of punctures.

Do I need to wear a cycling helmet?

The CTC policy is that it should be down to personal choice: see CTC's briefing on the subject. Approximately half of our riders here in Lincoln wear helmets.

Do I have to be super fit?

No you do not, although a basic level of fitness is advisable, we do not race and find that average speeds between 10 mph and 12 mph suit most times. Our aim is to encourage sociable and friendly cycling on the quiet roads of Lincolnshire.

Who takes charge of the rides?

All our rides are led by an experienced cyclist.